3 Objectively Best Zodiac Signs

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1. Aries

Due to the Sun's exaltation in Aries, this sign is considered to be the best for those born under the sign of the Sun.

When a planet is in its highest state of exaltation, it is exceedingly effective and yields the maximum manifestation of its inherent potential and energy.

Aries is the ruler of the emotional side, the ego, and the very essence of who you are.

2. Leo

Since the Sun's residence is in Leo, it is the second-best time to be born under this sign.

A planet is said to be "at home" and harmonious with the energies of its sign while it is in domicile.

Because of this, Leo has a flair for the theatrical, and its infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour are a result.


Similarly to Aries, Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars, making it the third best Sun sign.

Everyone wants to be a Scorpio" since the sign is ambitious and goal-oriented and has a secret sexual allure.

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