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12 Dog Breeds That Act Like Cats     

  1. Afghan Hound

 As with cats, these dogs need to expend energy throughout the day and can leap over short fences and gates, so prepare your yard and home accordingly.

The American Hairless Terrier is an affectionate, inquisitive dog who enjoys playtime but cannot wait to curl up for a snooze.

2. American Hairless Terrier

Basenjis exude assurance and sensitivity. As with cats, they are aware of their environs and will abandon everything to pursue potential prey . Basenjis are renowned for their lack of barking and short, low-maintenance coats.

3. Basenji

This breed of dog is constantly inventing new methods to disregard your requests. Basset Hounds are among the most sluggish dogs.

4. Basset Hound

Bedlington Terriers are relatively uncommon English canines that originated in Northumberland. Ideal companions, these dogs do not shed and are completely loyal. 

5. Bedlington Terrier

These diminutive puppies have enormous personalities and stubbornness. Early training is essential for establishing ground norms.

6. Chihuahua

7. Chow Chow

These furry Afghan Hounds require their own space. Chow Chows are in some respects enigmas. They are devoted, affectionate animals that will safeguard their favorite human at any cost.

In contrast to Chow Chows, French Bulldogs are adaptable and not afraid to demonstrate affection. Due to their quiet and laid-back nature, they make ideal apartment companions.

8. French Bulldog

Greyhounds resemble cats in numerous ways. First, they can be resistant to following instructions. Second, they desire to be a part of the action without being too involved.

9. Greyhound

10. Italian Greyhound

 Italian Greyhounds would rather be on a human's knee than on the floor. These tiny canines were bred specifically to be man's best companion.

Japanese Chins, like Italian Greyhounds, were developed as companion animals. This ancient Japanese breed is renowned for its charisma and affectionate nature.

11. Japanese Chin

12. Maltese

Here is a canine breed that has a reputation for getting along well with cats. The gentle temperament of Maltese puppies makes them excellent companions for seniors.

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