10 Things Nice People Don't Do at Walmart

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Walmart consumers have a history of rudeness.

Walmart is great for one-stop shopping, but its customers are often unpleasant.

In the store, snack on produce.

Hungry shoppers are rookies. Avoid eating veggies at the store, but it's fine to open a package of pretzels or chips before paying.

Hide products

Nasty people may hide or abandon food that needs refrigeration because they are too sluggish to walk back.

Sass customers

All Walmart employees and customers deserve respect, regardless of job quality.

Or associates

Again, Walmart workers are humans. Don't be rude—they're trying to work.

Leave a mess

Walmart offers many unexpected services, but a personal maid isn't one of them.

Carts should be left in the aisle.

Unlearn leaving your cart in the aisle. Blocking a lane with your cart to run to another aisle is disrespectful.

leave carts in the parking lot

Customers that are kind always place their cart in the corral and never drop it in the middle of a parking space.

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